With its internal small sun JET becomes an interpreter showing the world how nuclear fusion sounds. This sound trip will allow us to hear the heart of the future’s power, accompanied by analogue instruments and real footage from the experiments.

Music and science become one thanks to Poupees Electriques shaping their new show “JET – Nuclear Fusion Device”, a particular sound structure where JET’s raw sounds are reinterpreted through rhythm, instrumentation, experimentation, tonality and atonality, based on audio and video archives of plasma experiments performed at the CCFE facilities (Culham Centre for Fusion Energy) in Culham, UK, and field recordings carried out in 2016 by Poupees Electriques and the physicist Ana Manzanares.

In “JET – Nuclear Fusion Device”, synthesizers, percussions, piano and theremin walk together with sounds treated by different types of synthesis. Textures, frequencies, noises, voices, dynamics… The sound of nuclear fusion embodied in a fifty-minute work with nine tracks edited on CD, presented in a 500-copy limited edition handmade box with reflections and holograms that includes a spectacular tokamak poster (magnetic confinement device), a 16-page booklet with information about nuclear fusion from the perspective of the scientists involved and “JET – Nuclear Fusion Device” project, and machinery’s photographs; two stickers complete the luxury edition of the spectacular electronic/industrial music work by Poupees Electriques. This edition will delight the followers of artists such as Bad Sector, TAGC, Vromb and pioneers of the “ambient-industrial.”

In addition to the splendid luxury edition of “JET – Nuclear Fusion Device”, we will be able to enjoy live audiovisual performance of the show. The images provided by CCFE from inside the tokamak and facilities are live accompanied with voice, synthesizers and theremin.

Fifteen years long Poupees Electriques have incorporated new technologies and primordial electronic instruments like the theremin and the futuristic intonarrumori in their shows, always focusing their work towards live performance. In addition to making film’s soundtracks, Poupees Electriques have already published several works such as End of Diversion (live CD, Self-produced, 2009) and CNT 1910-2010 Viva la Utopía (live DVD, Fundación Anselmo Lorenzo, 2011).

JET – Nuclear Fusion Device